7 Ways To Get Rid Of Mold

Molds are an important part of our natural environment and you find them in significant quantities outdoors. (They are everywhere!) They break down dead organic matter (leaves, trees, trash, etc.) and are the leading contributor to the cycling of nutrients within our ecosystems. Mold spores are invisible to the naked eye and can make their way into your home or business through open doors and windows, heating, ventilation or air conditioning systems or by hitching a ride on you or your pet.

When these spores meet excessive moisture, they will grow – (which is the reason a water-damaged property needs to be properly dried properly and quickly). Once mold comes inside it can cause a variety of health issues. The reality is we don’t fully know the extent of health issues mold can cause, but we do know they can produce allergens, irritants and toxic substances (known as mycotoxins).

Many people are affected by the inhaling or touching of mold/mold spores leading to allergic reactions such as sneezing, red eyes, runny nose and/or a skin rash as well as irritation in the throat and lungs. Those people with asthma who are allergic to mold, exposure can lead to asthmatic attacks. Those with compromised immune systems are especially vulnerable. The prevention and eradication of mold within your home or business can eliminate these possibly noxious molds.

The key factor in mold growth is moisture. The most common sources of indoor moisture are flooding and leaks from plumbing, roof (Tulsa commercial roofing from Hi-Tech), windows, baths or sinks. Discoloration and warping on walls, floors or ceilings are a good indication that you may have a moisture problem. If you discover a leak or experience flooding, repairing the source and drying all water damaged areas or items as quickly as possible can save you and others from some potentially harmful side effects.

Reset Restoration can help if you find yourself dealing with a moldy mess! Reset Restoration only works with Certified Industrial Hygienists so there is no conflict of interest and you can be assured of a safe environment. The goal is to help make sure mold spores are contained and removed to so you, your family, customers, or employees are safe.

We suggest you:

  • Find and identify the moisture source
  • Make the needed repairs to the source of moisture intrusion
  • Be absolutely sure you clean and dry affected areas to the appropriate moisture content
  • To prevent further mold growth, make sure you reduce or eliminate the moisture
  • Hire a Certified Industrial Hygienist to ensure mold and spores are completely contained and removed safely
  • Remove materials that have mold or fungi growth according to health protocols (IICRC S-520 guidelines)
  • Hire a qualified contractor to assist with the mold removal

If  your friends, family and neighbors have had significant mold damage to homes or businesses you can contact Reset Restoration 24/7 to inquire about mold damage remediation services. Call Reset Restoration today at (918) 582-7373.

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Author: Dick Wagner restoration consultant AskDickWagner.com