The Importance of Restoration if Your Home Has Had Water Damage

If your home has suffered water damage due to a flood or broken pipe, it’s important to get things dried out quickly. Water should be removed as soon as it’s safe to do so. The next step is to consider water damage restoration, in order to make sure your home is healthy.

Once there is damage to the home, it’s necessary to remove damaged items from the affected area immediately if there is any chance of salvaging them. To prevent further mold growth, these items should be moved to an area with good ventilation. There is only a 24 to 48 hour window before mold starts to grow, and then from there the mold will rapidly multiply.

Dangers of Water Damage

Mold can spread very quickly. Even a small damp spot can cause mold to grow and spread to surrounding parts of the home. Mold can be found inside walls and can move to things like books, even if they aren’t near the affected area.

If the area is contaminated from a natural body of water that has overflowed, or a sewer pipe breaking, there is a lot of risk for bacteria in the water. This water can lead to parasites and diseases. The risk does not end once the water has been dried out, because the bacteria can live on the surfaces in the home for a while. Grey and black water can indicate water with illnesses and unsanitary conditions.

Even if the water is clean, it can still a pose a problem if it’s left standing. Not only do mosquitoes breed in stagnant water, there can also be a number of other things that grow. If water is left standing it can soil from dirty carpet or the ground and can turn dangerous.

In addition to mold and other bacteria in the water, another cause of concern is the structural integrity of the home.

Preventing Water Damage

It can be impossible to prevent a storm from developing and causing massive flooding, but there are some home improvement steps you can take to prevent water damage in your home. Being careful where you plant will help prevent roots from growing into sprinkler systems, pipes and septic tanks. Clean out rain gutters so they don’t send water into your home when clogged. Since many pipes can be hidden in the walls and under your home, pay attention to your water bill. If it’s way higher than normal, there may be a leak. Drain chemicals can cause damage to your pipes, so it’s better to use a drain snake instead of store bought drain cleaners to protect pipes. Pouring grease down the sink can cling to pipes and cause blockages, which can cause water damage.

Water Restoration Solutions

It can be possible to complete water restoration and home improvement on your own, but mold can be very dangerous. Many people find it easier to have a professional deal with the process. With a professional, the wait time for when you can move back to the home can be much smaller.

When water is contaminated to dangerous levels, a team will have to take more steps to clean the home. It’s possible that soft furnishings, like carpet, will have to be replaced. If the home does not constitute a safety risk, you may be able to live in the home while the process takes place.

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