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Mother Nature can be a little fierce at times in Tulsa. If your home or business has suffered from any storm damage, you really need to get a professional, trained in all aspects of water damage restoration and recovery as well as mold remediation, involved as quickly as possible to assess its overall integrity. Severe storm damage can allow water to penetrate the exterior surfaces. And, water damage isn’t something that you want to mess with.

Water damage, if not repaired quickly, can cause a significant amount of damage to your structure. And, the moisture is not only harmful to your home or business, it’s also harmful to your health. A certified water damage expert knowledgeable about mold remediation will have the know-how, tools, and experience to effectively deal with your storm damage. But, time is of the essence when it comes to dealing with water damage. Here are some of the reasons why its so important to address storm damage issues right away.


Storm damage caused by flooding can happen in a few different ways. Sometimes, the water damage is evident and easily seen, and sometimes it’s hidden. And, any water damage will always need mold remediation. Here are some of the ways that flooding can happen during severe weather.

Flash flooding: While some areas are more prone to flooding based on elevation factors, flash flooding can happen almost anywhere. Rain will usually be absorbed into the ground or flow into nearby lakes or other water sources. But, the ground will only absorb so much water. Once the ground is saturated, torrential rain caused by severe storms will start to run-off, overflowing the lakes, rivers, and streams, causing flash flooding.

Luckily, flash flood warnings are commonly issued by the emergency weather services, allowing you some time to prepare for potential storm damage. Surrounding your home or business with sandbags is one way to protect yourself from flood waters.

If your a victim of flash flooding, you’ll want to get a professional involved quickly. They can help you get rid of the water, get everything dried out, assess the damage, and assist with any mold remediation issues.

Sump pumps: Designed to keep the water in the ground around your home or business from getting inside of the lower levels, sump pumps are generally located in basements and crawl spaces. Unfortunately, they can fail, especially during severe weather when the ground is saturated and the pump is working harder. If this happens, flooding will happen very quickly. And, even worse, it probably won’t be noticed immediately.

One way to protect yourself is to have a backup sump pump, attached to a battery. It will kick in if your primary pump fails, and the battery will keep it running if there is a power outage caused by storm damage.

If your sump pump fails, the resulting water damage needs to be addressed quickly, especially concerning mold remediation. Basements and crawl spaces are already prone to the dampness that mold is preferable to. Any additional moisture needs to be eliminated immediately.

Sewer and septic backups: All of the rainwater generated by severe storms can also overwhelm sewer and septic systems, causing backups. This type of flooding is extremely hazardous because of the contaminants in the water. You should only have a trained professional involved with any clean-up and repairs concerning storm damage caused by sewer or septic backups.


Mold will grow best in a warm, damp, shaded environment. And, storm damage can create that perfect environment. Mold remediation is a process of eliminating the factors that allow for its growth by thoroughly drying, cleaning, repairing, and sealing any areas exposed to the elements by storm damage.

When you’re dealing with storm damage, not only does everything need to be dried quickly, but the sooner mold remediation begins, the better. Mold will grow quickly in damp areas, and the spores released can be hazardous for some people’s health. Mold remediation is the most effective way to not only get rid of the mold, but also to keep it from coming back.


Water damage caused by severe storms can also put your home or business at a greater risk for catching on fire. Hidden moisture inside of the walls can get to electrical wires, potentially sparking, leading to a fire inside of the walls that can spread quickly.

A qualified water damage expert realizes the importance of getting any damage repaired quickly, and will make sure that any exposed electrical issues are taken care of, eliminating the risk of fire.

Safety and Preventative Storm Measures

While there’s no way to fully protect you and your home or business from the wrath of the elements, there are some preventative measures that you can take for the safety of both you and your property.

  • If you experience flooding, never walk in the water until you know it’s safe. It’s not only dirty, but there could be an electrical current flowing through the water.
  • Even if you are able to dry any water damage on your own, you should always have a water damage expert inspect the area for any possible mold remediation concerns.
  • If you live in areas prone to severe weather, having shutters or some other protection for your windows can protect your home or business.
  • If you live in a flood zone, heed any warnings and protect your home or business with sandbags before the water gets to you.
  • Periodically test your sump pump to make sure it’s working properly. Just pour a bucket of water into the pump pit. You should hear the pump kick on. If it doesn’t turn on, you’ll want to get a pro involved quickly.

Whether the damage is minor or catastrophic, a reputable water damage expert will be able to implement the most effective approach to get rid of any moisture left behind by storm damage, implement a mold remediation plan, advise you on your best water damage repair options, and get you on a path to recovery.

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