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Tulsa Restoration Services

Flooded Home – South Tulsa

These Tulsa homeowners were out of town for the weekend and came home to a major flood. We guess that the water line had been broken for at least 2 days before this was discovered. In this pic we were tearing out the subfloor from the slab. All of the wood floors in this Tulsa home were destroyed. The carpet was so wet when we arrived it had begun to delaminate in spots.

Heavy smoke and fire damage – BEFORE

Smoke and fire damage on a framing member. This is a before shot. We cleaned all of the smoke and fire damage throughout this apartment building using dry ice.

Heavy smoke and fire damage – AFTER

Here is the after shot. This was cleaned via dry ice blasting. Now that it had been cleaned we use a clear sealer to hold in any odors.

Thermostat Fire – Tulsa Fire Damage Restoration

This was a very interesting job. The thermostat on the wall caught fire. We did the clean up and odor control.

Fungi – Mold Removal

This was discovered on a water loss via roof leak. Evidently the roof had been leaking for a while being the patches of this that we found between the roof decking and insulation.

Setting trusses with a crane

Reset can mitigate, repair and rebuild your fire damaged property. Here is a pic from the crane we used to set trusses on an apartment building in Tulsa.

Clean vs. uncleaned roof decking and trusses

Here is another before and after shot of an area that we have cleaned with dry ice. This is looking up into the attic. We cleaned all of the smoke damage off of roof trusses and decking using dry ice blasting.

Mold behind a brick wall in a home

This home had a water intrusion that went unnoticed and then ignored for a while. This is what can happen inside your walls if you do not have your property properly dried after a leak.

Joplin Tornado

This pic was taken the morning after the storm. The picture does it no justice, standing there seeing the destruction took my breath away.

Mold behind panelling

Did you have a water leak and think it was not a big deal? This was found long after the leak had been going on. If you have had water enter your property call Reset.