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  • Emergency Services
    Reset Restoration wants to help you put your life back together.Water Damage- Had an unexpected water leak and need help? Call Reset Restoration. Our IICRC technicians, who will arrive on site promptly, assess the loss to your property and determine the best course of action to mitigate any further damage.
    Mold Damage- If you have mold damage, let us help attack it. Reset Restoration will remove the dead mold and spores from infected areas, as well as eliminate the moisture source to prevent future mold growth.Catastrophe- Oklahoma is known for their recurring tornadoes. Reset Restoration, fortunately, not only will offer you 24-hour Emergency Response Service, in an event you find yourself a victim of wind damage, or heavy rain, we will also protect your structure from further damage.
  • Reset Restoration offers a variety of Emergency Services including:
  • BioHazard Cleanup- Reset Restorations IICRC trained technicians will disinfect and deodorize your residence or business, in an event of a traumatic scene, while adding as little emotional stress as possible to families and business owners.
  • Fire Damage- Resets 24/7 fire damage emergency services, guaranteed 1 hour response time, is the reason Reset Restoration is the best. Our IICRC technicians have the resources and knowledge necessary to repair and remove these stubborn odors caused by fire damage, permanently.
  • The damage may be extensive and disrupting your life.  Whether you’ve had fire, water or wind damage, your home or business has been turned upside down. You want everything to get back the way it was before this disaster happened. Reset Restoration’s goal is to quickly, responsibly and correctly repair and restore your home or business with minimal inconvenience for you. From initial cost estimate through conclusion and follow-up, we are committed to your comfort and satisfaction every step of the way. Call Reset Restoration, our IICRC technicians are experienced professionals that know what to do.
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