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No matter the climate of the location in which your home is, you likely have experienced conditions that pose a threat of water damage to your home. Water damage also does not have to be related to weather and exterior influences either. For some homes it’s a frozen pipe that has burst open and caused damage, or flooding from heavy rain and hurricanes, or it could be as simple as a toddler who has flushed an object that doesn’t belong in the toilet. Regardless of how the damage itself has occurred, ignoring water damage for even a couple of days is like opening up a can of worms. There are a number of reasons emergency restoration of water damage is imperative to keeping a safe and healthy household.

The Health of Your Family

Water damage poses a huge health hazard to your family and pets. Water that comes from outside flooding due to rain or a nearby water source is going to contain all kinds of bacteria, dirt, and organic material. Rain water, river water, lake water, and ocean water all contain sewage contaminants and possibly chemicals. When cleaning up the mess that flooding of this type has made, you should understand that just because the visible water is gone, that doesn’t mean the chemicals and contaminants that were in it are gone. If you were to leave water damage without restoration after an event of this sort, the bacteria that came from the water can triple in count by just 48 hours after the event occurred.

If the damage came from a leak in your plumbing or is related to your clean water source it will still cause the same problem, just in a different way. Even if there wasn’t bacteria or mold spores in the water to begin with because it is from a treated source, those treatment chemicals only have a half life of so long and will not prevent harmful bacteria and mold from growing. In addition, fungus and bugs are attracted to moist areas and will come lay eggs. Then the eggs will hatch and some bugs die, then they end up spreading more bacteria in the area. Damage left by water to your walls, flooring, and structural components make for a nice cozy home for many types of mold, bugs, and bacteria to settle into and form a colony. Mold and fungi growth can cause your family and or pets to get headaches, unpleasant respiratory symptoms, parasites, and even infections. You can avoid these problems by having restoration performed immediately after the damage has occurred.

The Health of Your Home

Aside from the obvious issue of staining to your walls, flooring and appliances, there is much more at stake in terms of your home if water damage is let go without emergency restoration. We all are aware that water and electricity does not mix well, and most of the components of your homes electrical system are where you cannot see them. Not only do you run the risk of being electrocuted from damaged and unsafe wiring, you also run the risk of your electrical system being compromised all together if restoration of water damage is not performed. Water damage spreads if left alone and it will do the same within electrical wiring as well. Another concern would be your plumbing system; residential piping is not made to be coming in contact with any water besides the treated water coming out of your tap. Any other water contact can cause breakdown of the piping and significant damage to your plumbing. Restoration of the water damage immediately will not allow the leftover components corrode your plumbing pipes.

Another problem that most would feel warrants immediate restoration of water damage would be the awful smell. Drywall, wood, carpeting, furniture, and cabinetry that have sustained water damage and are left without restoration will begin to really stink. The bacteria and fungi growth is a natural organic process, and natural organic breakdown processes produce musty and foul odors. What’s worse then a damaged or completely ruined electrical system, plumbing system, and smelly home? A dangerously weak housing structure or no structure at all. Wood absorbs water fairly quickly and softens becoming weak, and drywall responds to water in a similar way. The result is often warping, rotting, brittleness, and mold infestation of your drywall and framing of your home. Seeking restoration of the water damage before your drywall and framing can absorb it will halt the damage from spreading to other components. Even if your structure is mostly concrete block or brick, water knows how to erode through those as well if they are only partially or not sealed at all. Water damaged wood, water damaged drywall, water damaged brick, and water damaged concrete blocks need to have restoration immediately or you run the risk of having your walls fall down, literally.

The Health of Your Wallet

It goes without saying that all the outlined results of leaving water damage from any source go without restoration for even a short period of time will leave a big dent in your wallet. Your electrical wiring will cost you in the terms of requiring a professional to come and rewire everything, and your plumbing that is corroded will require a plumber to repair and replace pipe damage. If a member of your family or a pet gets ill from the exposure to growing mold and bacteria, you will also end up paying for a doctor/vet visit and medications. Not to mention the cost of replacing carpet and furniture that has been damaged and now is too smelly to keep in your home. Shelling out the initial cost of emergency restoration services after any water damage is a small price to pay compared to what you will be paying for if you do not address it in a timely manner.

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