PREP Program

Tulsa Restoration Services

Disasters Happen. Sometimes it’s a large regional event, other times it’s local to your community or just your property. Often, trusted and professional contractors are far and few, and you need to know there is someone you can call – that will respond quickly, focused on the RIGHT things! You don’t want to be added to a list with a promise to “get to you in a week.”

Most contractors are concerned with just getting your signature on a contract, without regard for the most import part: helping you Get Back in Business or Stay in Business.

Reset Restoration understands that; Sales, Profit, Customers, Tenants and Employees are very valuable to you. That’s our primary concern. Handling the clean-up and repairs can be performed by many companies – some good, many not so good or even really bad! Our approach to helping you stay in business for those vital Sales, Profit, Customers, and more is our foremost goal.

The exclusive PREP program is only available through Reset Restoration in the greater Tulsa region. PREP is a comprehensive Pre-Disaster planning guide to help you be prepared for the inevitable disaster, so we can help you recover quickly. It also provides you with:

  • Priority Service (ahead of non-PREP customers)
  • Learn who we are Before you need us
  • PREP Certified Contractor
  • A detailed Pre-Disaster Planning Manual
  • Free Access to®
  • Many, many other exclusive PREP services
  • Best of all – it’s FREE to you!