You Need Professional Janitorial Services After a Catastrophe Occurs

When your home or business has been damaged by a fire or moisture, you need specialized janitorial services right away. In addition to cleaning a building that has undergone serious damage from a catastrophe, janitors can provide a variety of restoration services to remove mold growth, smoke odor and dirty soot. Don’t wait to call technicians who can provide janitorial services because it is important to begin the restoration process as soon as possible. A commercial cleaning company will be able to handle minor common cleaning tasks, but a professional restoration company can respond to emergency calls for janitorial services at anytime of the day or night, including weekends and holidays.

Technicians Use Generators During the Restoration Process

If the building has structural damage to the roof, then the technicians can cover the roof with a waterproof tarp to keep rain or snow from entering the building. The damaged building may not have electrical power, natural gas or running water after a severe storm, fire or water disaster, so the team of technicians must use powerful generators to operate machinery to make essential repairs.

Restoration Services Include Eliminating a Building’s High Humidity Levels

With professional janitorial services, the technicians will have access to the equipment required for restoring a building after a disaster. You cannot clean a building with amateur devices such as vacuum cleaners. When a building is flooded or when firefighters extinguish a fire, it is a humid environment, and the technicians must use dehumidifiers to get rid of the air moisture. At the same time, it is vital for the technicians to increase the air circulation by using fans.

The Removal Of Deep Water and Smoke Odors Is Essential

When the building also has smoke damage, the technicians can install ozone machines that will capture the pathogens from the burning materials to keep the chemicals from contaminating additional surfaces. If the building has undergone a flood from a broken sewer line or a natural waterway, then the technicians will place a sump pump in the lowest level of the structure to remove the moisture so that it doesn’t destroy the building’s foundation. This water is kept in containers for proper disposal elsewhere because it may have contamination from dangerous bacteria or parasites.

The Fire Damaged Materials Are Removed From the Building

The goal throughout the professional restoration process is to return a building to its previous condition by removing the smoke odor, greasy soot, burnt materials and damaging moisture. In addition, secondary damage from the catastrophe may have begun with additional problems from mold growth and mildew odor. The technicians must remove all of the damaged materials from the structure, and it is stored in a dumpster until it is hauled away. To prevent additional damage, the restoration team will work on a 24-hour basis to complete this job.

The Removal Of the Debris Can Be a Dangerous Process

When the restoration team begins janitorial services such as shampooing carpets, mopping floors and washing walls within the first day after a water or fire disaster, it is possible to save more items. Removing a combination of moisture and greasy soot is a complex process that requires using equipment that can scrub surfaces while vacuuming the debris at the same time. The debris that is collected is considered a hazardous material that can cause immediate respiratory distress, but it is also a carcinogen that can lead to health problems later.

Call Reset Restoration  Today For Professional Janitorial Services

If you want to save time, money and frustration, call Reset Restoration today for high-quality janitorial services after a fire or water disaster is vital. You cannot clean a building on your own, but a group of professional technicians can complete the job with industrial-strength equipment in only a few days. With professional restoration and janitorial services, you are more likely to have a building returned to its previous condition as fast as possible.

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