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Winter Is Here in Tulsa!

When the winter weather becomes severe, everyone starts stocking their pantries full of supplies to outlast any snowstorm, but sometimes the storms make matters worse by doing severe damage to the structures of our homes and commercial properties. Homeowners must be prepared for any situation that might come about due to inclement winter weather conditions, which is why it’s a good idea to know who to call when damages occur to your home. When homeowners in Tulsa, Oklahoma suffer hardships caused by winter weather, Reset Restoration is there to help. Professional contractors and technicians are available to assist homeowners in rebuilding their homes after disaster strikes.

The cold weather brings icy rain, sleet, and snow through the area, and these conditions wreck many houses. Inclement weather conditions will destroy older homes without much trouble, and they’ll even cause damage on the newer houses as well. When homeowners suffer issues with water damage, many will even find mold growing in their homes. When this happens, it’s a good idea to call professionals who are equipped to handle mold remediation. Reset Restoration handles all water and mold issues, and they are experts in disaster cleanup, rebuilding, and handling damages caused by fire and smoke as well. When an unfortunate weather condition creates an ugly situation for your home or business, you know who to call to get everything back to its prime condition.

Residential Services Offered by Reset Restoration:

When the winter weather creates hazardous conditions in your town, the icy roads aren’t the only thing that you need to consider. Your home might actually receive damages from storms due to the heavy piles of snow and ice. Your roof can only handle so much weight before it collapses from the pressure, so be sure that it’s ready to handle storms during this approaching winter.

In addition to preparing your home for wintery conditions, you might need help cleaning up after the storms have finished their destruction. Along with cleaning up snow and debris from heavy winds, there are a variety of precautions that every homeowner needs to take after a storm, and many of these issues will require professional services. Reset Restoration has the experience to handle any of the following services for homeowners in Tulsa and the surrounding areas: carpet cleaning, remodeling, renovation, and reconstruction. They can even handle problems with emergency services, like frozen pipes, mold removal, water damage, mold inspection, fire damage, storm damage or biohazard cleanup.

Carpet Cleaning

Falling tree limbs and other debris are the most obvious types of storm damage. However, ice and snow will often pile up near the home, and the melting could cause serious damage to the indoor carpeting. In order to prevent snow from melting and causing problems, homeowners should keep large banks of snow from forming. This is especially important for homes that have basements that tend to flood, so be sure to move snow away from the basement and entrances to the home.

When a big snow storm hits your area, be sure to have a shovel at your disposal to keep these areas clear. If some snow builds up overnight, you’ll need to remove it before the sun causes it to melt. In addition to removing snow, Reset Restoration works with homeowners to deeply clean floors. Immediately addressing any issue with wet carpet will help avoid mold that tends to grow when flooded floors are left unattended.

Remodeling & Renovation

Reset Restoration also specializes in other services that help homeowners make adjustments to enhance their spaces. Homeowners don’t need to wait for disaster to strike before they call to speak to a friendly technician. Remodeling and renovations take place when homeowners decide that they want to improve the appearance, usability, and design of their spaces. In addition, the expert service technician will be able to repair any damaged areas of the space that might have been previously overlooked by the homeowner. It’s not unusual for damages to the floorboards, ceiling, or walls to go unnoticed.


When homeowners in Tulsa experience severe damages, they call Reset Restoration to assist in getting their homes put back to normal. However, many homeowners think that they need to hire a separate company for each step of the process. Fortunately for the homeowner, the skilled professionals at Reset Restoration are eager to handle every step of the process themselves, including excavating and removing the existing damages to the property.

Working with one company for the entire process saves homeowners the hassle of having to call around to have someone haul damaged building materials away from their properties. It’s wise to have the same company work on each step of the process because there will be less chance for miscommunication during the intricate steps involved in reconstructing a property that has been severely damaged. Working with several companies might cause issues when one company leaves the job site for the other company to take over. In addition to reconstructing the property, Reset Restoration will also communicate with your insurance company along the way to take more of the weight off of your shoulders.

Commercial Services:

Inclement winter weather has the uncanny ability to take down businesses in the same way that it causes damage to residential properties. Heavy storm damage will disable power lines, cause issues with mold, and wreck commercial properties. Similar to the responsibilities of homeowners, commercial property owners need to make adequate arrangements to take care of any faulty issues on their buildings before the winter weather strikes. Any issues to the commercial property that occur during a storm need to be addressed as soon as possible. Once storm damage occurs, building owners must work hard to get their properties back in order by calling the pros at Reset Restoration. If you’re going to keep operating your company, your business depends upon maintaining the condition of the space.

Fire Damage

Lightning could strike any part of your property and cause damages, or faulty wiring could cause a fire to start. Fire could even come from negligence on the part of a tenant. Whatever causes the fire, here’s hoping everyone makes it out safely to give you room to assess the situation.

When the emergency responders have put out the blaze, they’ll leave it up to the building owner to make the necessary renovations to the property. Businesses and employees won’t be able to return into the building until the fire damage has been repaired, so building owners must react in a timely fashion in order to avoid experiencing a severe loss in profits. In the unfortunate scenario of such a tragedy at your property, you’ll need professional assistance to take care of damages caused by fire and smoke.

Storm Damage

Tornados and other types of natural disasters cause storm damage issues for commercial property owners. If the property is severely damaged, the owner will need to hire professionals to get the place cleaned up in a timely manner. Reset Restoration will be there to answer the call when you need help tending to the storm damage that has occurred at your place of business.


When storm damage from winter weather or heavy rain occurs, the result can be hazardous to health and human safety. Melted snow or flooding will cause damage to the inside of commercial properties. If left unattended, these areas will grow mold and other harmful bacteria. This is dangerous to everyone in the area, so it must be removed immediately. Tenants in a commercial property will become irritated if the building owner doesn’t address the situation in a timely manner, and the health department might even get involved in such a matter being left unattended. Remediation of the mold in a timely manner is important because the problem could easily spread to other areas of the building. Professional technicians take care of these types of problems without upsetting tenants that need to use the space.

Water Damage

The folks at Reset Restoration have the skills, experience, tools, and personnel to get your commercial property back into working order. Before a flood causes storm damage to your property, it’s important to go over safety procedures, and every building owner should have a plan for what to do when a flood occurs. Damages caused by water will ruin carpets and other materials. Some materials are destroyed immediately, and other materials may be salvaged by clearing out water and contaminants. If the process is not completed by a professional, the areas could become a hazardous working condition due to mold growth.

Other Emergency Services Brought to You by Reset Restoration:

Frozen Pipes

Storm damage causes plenty of problems for homeowners and businesses, but there are more things to consider when the weather starts getting colder. Did you know that your pipes could freeze when the weather reaches low temperatures? When pipes freeze, they become unusable until repairs are made, and in the worst case scenario, the frozen pipes will burst open. Problems with freezing pipes will cause issues with tenants at commercial properties, and homeowners will need to find another source for freshwater. There are ways to protect your pipes before winter temperatures ruin them. Call a professional from Reset Restoration to have your pipes winterized. If you wait around until the pipes freeze, you’ll need to call the company to do more repairs on your property.


The emergency response crew from Reset Restoration responds to these types of situations within an hour of the incident. Due to the serious nature of crime scenes, homicides, and other hazardous situations, it’s paramount that property owners contact a professional immediately. Attempting to clean a crime scene or similar occurrence is dangerous to your health. The job calls for a professional because hazardous materials must be properly removed from an area, and they must be disposed of in a particular way. Let Reset Restoration take care of the toxic matters on your behalf.


When the weather becomes unpredictable, catastrophic storms create emergency situations for homeowners and business owners. Reset Restoration assists in repairing properties that have been dismantled by catastrophic storm damage by removing debris, pumping out water, and through various other methods of restoration. The response time for properties working with these experts is one hour, so be sure to prepare for the worst by speaking to a professional about your needs right away. You can guard your home or property against the catastrophic storm damages that occur from hurricanes, heavy winds, tornadoes, wildfires, and other natural disasters.

Preparing for the Worst

When you’ve prepared for the worst types of weather that might occur in the upcoming seasons, you’ll feel a sense of relief in knowing that your property will be covered in the event of tragedy. Don’t wait for things to go wrong before you make a plan. There are steps that you can take right now to prepare for any serious weather event. Winter weather conditions and serious storms might take a toll on your property, but the experts at Reset Restoration will be there to help put everything back together again.

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