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A major storm involving rain, ice, snow, or just about any other type of natural disaster can severely damage a building. Whether it be home or office, the structure may need extensive renovation inside and outside. Instead of trying to do it yourself, especially if you lack skill, experience, or resources, contact a restoration company to handle the work for you.

Storm Damage

Predicted or unexpected, serious storm damage can harm a building in many ways, causing water damage or fire damage, or requiring mold remediation and restoration work. A winter blizzard can cause storm damage resulting from extensive ice or heavy snow laying on the roof or seeping into the foundation. Left untreated, mold remediation may be added to a growing list of needed repairs. Restoration work becomes more complicated and expensive, even if you attempt it yourself. It is usually easier and cheaper to address problems right after the storm rather than wait for things to get worse.

Water Damage

Possibly the most common type of restoration problem is water damage. Although residential or business flooding can occur from problems other than storm damage, such as plumbing issues, water damage or problems caused by storm damage occur frequently due to leaky roofs, windows, or the building’s foundation. Water collecting on a patio, porch, garage, or shed can also be problematic. Any type of water or flooding issue requiring restoration should be taken care of promptly to get the issue under control. Failure to do so could result in the need for mold remediation, which can be intricate and expensive, sometimes requiring the removal and replacement of wall boards, flooring, or ceilings. Any type of water damage is a serious concern and requires prompt attention.

Fire Damage

Although not as common as water damage, fire damage is often more destructive in nature, as it may be harder to control and cause a fair amount of destruction by burning through walls, destroying furniture, and melting appliances or fixtures. In addition, because fire damage is usually treated with water used by firefighters, potential or actual damage from water also comes into play as a compound risk. Smoke damage is another concern, leaving smudged walls and a smoky stench that can be hard to eliminate. For these and other reasons, fire damage should always be cleaned immediately, and preferably by professional restoration experts.

Mold Remediation

The most insidious of home or office structure damage, the presence of mold can be hard to locate, identify, and treat. Mold remediation may require a detailed diagnostic process that involves drilling into the wall or floor of a structure to check for evidence of mold damage. If confirmed or even suspected, mold must be treated thoroughly to ensure that it not only dies, but also does not regrow later. This requires expert treatment of the mold with industry-specific chemicals and procedures that are safe for residents and even pets. Following mold treatment, the walls, ceilings, or floors must be replaced or rebuilt and then cosmetically painted or treated to match the original décor. Failure to promptly catch and treat mold can allow it to spread, which may be lethal for residents or employees, especially the presence of toxic black mold, which has been linked to serious illness and death.

Most storms pass without causing serious problems. But when a severe storm damages your home in one of the above ways, consider calling professional renovation experts to handle the problem. They have the training, experience, skill, and equipment to take care of any type of storm damage to a home or business. They typically work promptly and efficiently, as well as cleaning up after themselves without leaving messy residue behind. Instead of trying to figure out how to deal with storm damage, which is time consuming in itself, contact the pros who can do the work for you in a fraction of the time and guarantee it, as well.

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