Act Fast If Your Home Has Suffered Sever Water Damage

Water damage can be a slow onset or a sudden nightmare. As water infiltrates your home it can quickly spread and make it dangerous for you and your family. It’s imperative that you seek water restoration help as soon as you notice water damage. Restoration is not only necessary to get your home clean and dry again, but also makes sure that further damage doesn’t occur.

Water Continues to Look For a Dry Source

Water may look like it’s starting to settle, or even disappear, as it sets over time. But, the truth is, it’s just moving to another dry area. Water will continue to “search” for any porous material, whether it’s your carpet, your subfloor, or even your sheetrock. Once it gets into your walls it will continue to wick until the source of the water is treated.

Keep in mind, the structure and integrity of your house is damaged if it gets wet. While subfloors and sheetrock can hold some water, over time they will start to deteriorate. The last thing you want in your home is a compromised structure.

Mold Grows in Any Damp Environment

Mold can grow as quickly as 24 hours once water is left untreated. Plus, like water, mold is eager to spread. Mold releases tiny spores that can grow in any damp environment, i.e. your water-damaged home. They can be spread by simply running a cloth over an infected surface and transferring it to a new one.

Mold in your home can severely compromise your health. While some people may not be affected by mold, others will notice it severely. It can cause a runny nose, itchy throat and eyes, coughing, and other symptoms similar to that of an allergy attack. It can eventually compromise your lungs and cause a respiratory illness.

The Water Could Be Polluted

Depending on the source of your damage, the water could be spreading polluted water throughout your home. As the pollution of water increases, it becomes increasingly more dangerous to have it in your home. It can start to spread illness or disease and ends up contaminating everything it touches. Water damage classification levels include:

  • Clean Water Damage: Water coming from a clean source, such as a drip from an ice maker or dishwasher line. This water has not yet started to infiltrate your floors or walls.
  • Gray Water: Water that has come from an unclean source or clean water that has been left untreated for over 48 hours. This also applies to water that has passed through your home, such as upstairs water that has leaked into the basement through the floor.
  • Black Water: The worst classification of water, such as a sewage backup or flood. Flood water is always classified as black water because the source of the water is unknown. Gray water progresses to black water after 48 hours.

Don’t underestimate water damage in your home. While it may seem simple to attack, it’s best to have trained professionals survey your damage. You know the saying, a little drip becomes an ocean? Truer words have never been spoken when it comes to water damage.

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