Tulsa Mold Remediation Basics

Are you seeing signs of mold or mildew in your home or business? Maybe you’ve already tried some DIY mold removal tips to clean it, and it keeps coming back. If you are having any issues with mold, not only is it unsightly, but it can also pose health risks for some people. The most effective means of mold removal will require the expertise of a mold remediation professional.

Mold removal can be attempted on your own with a strong bleach solution and a lot of elbow grease. Unfortunately, cleaning it will only hide the problem. You’re also exposing yourself to potentially harmful mold spores in the process. There is a reason why the mold is growing where it is, and it takes the training of a mold remediation professional to effectively perform a mold removal process, finding the source of the mold growth, and eliminating the cause.

Let’s talk a little about some mold remediation basics and why mold removal is so important.

What is Mold?

Mold can grow anywhere as long as the conditions are favorable. Mold spores are even floating in the air that you breathe. It naturally grows outside, where it helps with the decaying process of dead plants. Mold thrives in damp, wet areas.

There are different types of mold, each with its own color, and they all respond differently to the mold removal process. A professional mold remediation specialist understands the various types of mold and will be able to implement the most effective mold removal process.

As the mold grows, it releases tiny spores into the air. The spores will attach themselves to any damp surfaces that they come into contact with. That’s how they get inside of you home or business. Mold is commonly found in bathroom areas, kitchens, laundry rooms, basements, attics, around foundations, or in any other area where water or moisture is present, although it will grow on any damp surface. It can also be growing in areas where you can’t see it, behind walls, under floors, and above ceilings.

There are also financial implication to consider if you have a problem with mold. The environment where it’s growing has somehow been compromised, creating the moisture that they need to grow. Unfortunately, that damage will need to be repaired. That’s where a professional mold remediation is the most useful. They’ll know exactly what needs to be either repaired or replaced to stop the mold growth.

What are the Health Risks Involving Mold?

If mold is present in your home or business, a mold remediation plan is vital for the health of some people. For most people, the small amounts that we breathe every day are harmless. However, breathing too many mold spores can cause some serious health issues for certain individuals. Here are a few of the health risks associated with over-exposure to mold spores.

Anyone who is sensitive to mold spores can experience breathing issues and eye or skin irritations.
Otherwise healthy people, and those with asthma, can also experience the same breathing and irritation issues.
Allergies to mold are also common. Someone who is prone to mold allergies can develop serious infections if exposed to mold spores.

Children are even more susceptible to the negative health effects because of their smaller size.
What are the Benefits of a Professional Mold Remediation Service?

It’s not just about mold removal, it’s more importantly about making sure that the mold doesn’t come back. If the conditions that attracted the spores still exist after mold removal, it will only be a matter of time before you start to see signs of mold again. A mold remediation professional has the knowledge and experience to advise you of the best course of action that should be taken to avoid future issues with mold removal.

Here’s how the mold remediation and removal process works.

Identification, Ventilation, and Containment: Before any mold removal process can begin, the mold will need to be identified in order to plan for the most effective mold remediation plan. Ventilation will also need to be put in place for drying the area where the mold is thriving, containing it, and stopping its growth.

Mold Removal: Once a mold remediation plan is decided upon, the mold removal process can take place. The technicians will be using the most effective solutions to clean and sanitize any surface where mold is present. Then, they will be applying either fungicides, biocides, or moldicides, depending on they type of mold that you are dealing with.

Repair the Source: Once the mold removal is complete, the next part of the mold remediation plan is to determine where the structural damage is located that is causing the favorable mold growing conditions to exist. The problem could be minor, and the technician may be able to make the necessary repairs. Or, if the damage is more extensive, the mold remediation specialist will be able to either sub-contract the repair work or refer you to a contractor skilled in making the structural repairs that are common after a mold removal process.

If you are either seeing visible mold growing in areas of your home or business or you have reason to believe that mold may be growing in hidden areas, your best course of action is to contact a professional mold remediation specialist to perform a mold inspection. If any mold is present, a mold remediation expert will have the training, expertise, and knowledge to put the most effective mold removal process in place, getting rid of the mold and keeping it from coming back, making the air inside of your home or business safe to breathe again.

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