Tulsa Restoration Services – Your Family, Home, and Wallet Will Thank You

No matter the climate of the location in which your home is, you likely have experienced conditions that pose a threat of water damage to your home. Water damage also does not have to be related to weather and exterior influences either. For some homes it’s a frozen pipe that has burst open and caused damage, or flooding from heavy rain and hurricanes, or it could be as simple as a toddler who has flushed…

Flooded Home – South Tulsa

These homeowners were out of town for the weekend and came home to a major flood. We guess that the water line had been broken for at least 2 days before this was discovered. In this pic we were tearing out the subfloor from the slab. All of the wood floors in this home were destroyed. The carpet was so wet when we arrived it had begun to delaminate in spots.