Tulsa Household Mold and Human Health Considerations

Mold and Your Health: The cause of negative health effects due to household mold varies based on the individual. Health problems occur when an individual is sensitive to the strain of mold and the mold is provided with a damp environment. For sensitive people, mold can cause both minor and major health effects. Minor health effects include nasal congestion, coughing and eye irritation. Major health effects include both serious lung infections and severe allergic reactions.

Prevent Mold-Related Illness with Mold Remediation

The health risks associated with mold in your home can be remedied through professional mold removal. Professionals know how to take proper precautions when dealing with hazardous materials like mold. For larger mold remediation projects, an full protective suit is required. The chemicals used for advanced cases of mold removal can be toxic when inhaled, or the chemicals make skin contact. For those advanced cases, your house stays protected. Barriers like plastic sheets will be used to seal off the impacted rooms. This action not only keeps the chemicals from circulating your home, but also prevents the mold spores from spreading.

Causes of Mold and What You Can Do

Mold spores exist in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Outdoor mold might enter your home through any open space. For example, mold can enter through your air conditioning systems. Mold from the air outside can also enter through a human carrier. Once inside your home, mold will grow in moist places. It will also thrive on porous mediums like ceiling tiles and paper products. Other common areas that promote mold growth include insulation and drywall.

Mold Remediation of Drywall

Mold remediation of drywall is a service that requires mold removal professionals. Drywall connects the entire house and is in close proximity to household members. Mold removal on drywall is a thorough process when correctly performed. When performing mold remediation on drywall, the affected pieces need to be removed and replaced. Then, the rest of the room and the adjoining rooms require professional cleaning for mold removal. In advanced cases, it is possible that all of the drywall in an affected room will have to be removed and replaced. Since the resulting moldy drywall is considered a hazardous material, we would dispose of it properly as well.

Removing Mold Spores: A Looming Problem

When homeowners try to remove mold or mildew themselves, the invisible mold spores often pose a lingering issue. An improperly remedied mold problem will often result in another occurrence of unsightly mold. To prevent reemergence of mold, seriously consider hiring a mold remediation service. After mold removal, mold remediation professionals use a wide range of equipment to properly clean the mold spores. Mold removal includes the use of high efficiency particulate air scrubbers that remove particulates in the air. These filters are instrumental in removing mold spores. Common air purifiers used by homeowners are not effective against small mold spores. High efficiency particulate air scrubbers are effective at removing mold spores when used by knowledgeable professionals.

If the particular problem is advanced, mold removal professionals can help eliminate mold spores throughout the entire household. Replacing the air in the entire house with filtered air can be accomplished through calculated air ventilation. Because mold grows in environments that are high in moisture, mold removal professionals often choose to use commercial-strength dehumidifiers. By balancing the moisture content in your home, the effectiveness of mold remediation increases. Airborne mold spores will not have a habitable place to grow.

The Process of Mold Removal and Remediation in Tulsa

While there are many steps to a professional mold remediation project, there is a general process. This process gives you an over-arching view what the mold removal service provides.

1. Contact a professional

The first step is to quickly contact a professional to get the process started. Emergency conditions that promote unhealthy mold growth commonly include flooded basements or recently ruptured water pipes. Because mold can spread very quickly after moisture is introduced into a space, taking action to call a professional is a time-sensitive step!

2. Assessment

The assessment phase encompasses an initial inspection and a mold damage assessment. Successful mold remediation requires the preliminary assessment to determine the best course of action. The extensiveness of the issue will be documented; mold removal professionals will be able to perform an effective job.

3. Mold Containment

Mold removal professionals will create barriers to contain impacted areas. This will prevent the spreading of microscopic mold spores during the cleaning process.

4. Air Filtration

This step is performed to enhance the effectiveness of mold removal. Air filtration is performed with a specialized air vacuum. Most home air ventilation systems do not have filters that are capable of filters particulates as small as mold spores. Mold spores produce a domino effect through the home if they are not addressed. Experienced professionals will create a healthier environment in your home by performing mold remediation on the invisible aerated mold spores.

5. Mold Removal

This is the most obvious step of mold remediation: get rid of the mold! Professionals remove the affected items in your home. For a flooded basement, this might mean removing carpet and drywall.

6. Household Items Cleaning

Mold spores can stick to items in the home and is an important step in mold remediation. To provide effective mold remediation, professionals will assist you in cleaning household items.

7. Restoration

Restoration is a process that can be performed by the professional of your choice. After this final step, your mold remediation process will be complete!

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